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Our Client Stories

We Advocate for Our Clients

We put our clients first, always. We will never stop fighting for them. Hearing from our clients drives us to become better advocates in the fight for the benefits they deserve. Listen to the stories of people we’ve been honored to represent and whose lives we’ve helped put back together. We invite you to share your feedback and review us below.

Sulma P.

“I’m happy to say I’m debt-free because of [Andrew] and this firm…and now I can just focus on rehabbing and me and my family.”

Mac. D

“When I felt somebody had my back and I knew what I did wasn’t wrong and that I was hurt makes me feel like it was all worth it.”

Larry P.

“They gave me the help I needed to get through this. I don’t know where I’d be without the help from Jerry Lehocky and his team.”

Dino T.

“Thanks to Mike Parker and Pond Lehocky, I feel good, and I know if I ever need anything in the future, they’re the right people to call.”

Jeannie N.

“At a time in your life when you’ve totally lost control of everything, you finally get it back. If you go anywhere else, you will be risking your future.”

Glenn P.

“The stress level throughout the entire process was so little because of the firm.”

Rhona C.

“I was so relieved and so thankful that I was able to communicate with someone who is in my best interest.”

Andrew O.

“Pond Lehocky helped me when I really needed them. I was kind of lost when I got hurt, I did not know what to do. I needed some guidance, and they were there, every step of the way.”

Dennis M.

“It really does feel like the folks here are saying we want to help you, whether we get helped by it or not. It’s not often you come across that. I would tell folks, and I have told folks, that if they need help, go see Nick. I know that he will be able to get you in, and if he can’t do it, he can get you someone who can.”

Susette V.

“Through it all, Pond Lehocky was there for me. I’m glad I chose this firm. It’s hard enough to go through this. You need the best to fight along with you.”

Ray V.

“When I came to see them, all the worries went away. That’s what you look for in a lawyer. Without them, I don’t know where I’d be.”

Chris L.

“If you were to fall and get hurt; if you think there’s a problem – definitely get representation. Pond Lehocky was great for me.”

Ramona B.

“The whole experience with the firm was awesome. When you have a good legal team, they help lift you up and keep you motivated. I would definitely recommend Pond Lehocky.”