PLG x The Labor Show

Since 2014, the Labor Show with JDoc (Joe Dougherty Jr. of PhillyLabor) and Krausey (Joe Krause of Jakib Media) has given voice to Philadelphia’s labor movement. Hosted on WWDB AM 860 Talk Radio, their show provides an insider’s look at “everything labor” while featuring prominent figures and leaders in local and national labor, politics, and business.

Managing partner Sam Pond is often featured on the show to lend his experience and expertise. Past topics of episodes featuring Sam have included union leadership, labor advocacy, education about the workers’ compensation system, and many other talking points concerning Philadelphia labor.

Check out our blog post about a special feature episode where JDoc interviews Sam and Dylan Pond about their family’s long history with unions, their connection to Philadelphia, and their vision for Pond Lehocky Giordano!