Sam Pond and Dylan Pond Interviewed on the Lawyers of Pond Lehocky Show

On August 7th, Founding Partner Sam Pond and Chief Revenue Officer Dylan Pond were interviewed by Joe Dougherty on the Lawyers of Pond Lehocky Show, broadcast on Talk 860 WWDB-AM. Dougherty, managing partner of Talk-Radio-Philly and PhillyLabor, spoke with the Ponds about their family’s legacy of union membership, their deep connection to the city of Philadelphia, and the past, present, and future of Pond Lehocky Giordano.

Sam Pond grew up with the knowledge that workers suffer when they don’t report injuries they sustained on the job and saw firsthand how employers try to outmaneuver their loyal employees every step of the way. His mother worked in a sweatshop in North Philadelphia, where she suffered a work injury. Her employer did not have any insurance. Mr. Pond’s father was severely burned by steam while working at a union job for Philadelphia Gas Works, who would later attempt to deny his pension. During his first year of law school, Mr. Pond took on his father’s case – his first ever case, in fact – and won, establishing legal precedent that still stands today. To this day, Mr. Pond continues to channel his passion for defending laborers against exploitative employers and insurance companies into his work at Pond Lehocky Giordano.

Although Dylan Pond just recently passed the Pennsylvania Bar Exam (in the top five percent!), he has been working at the firm in various capacities for almost ten years. As Chief Revenue Officer of Pond Lehocky Giordano, Dylan works with the firms’ founding partners and executive team to strategize, vet, and fund investment opportunities he believes will help foster the growth of the firm and increase its reach. At the same time, he lends invaluable insight and vision to the firm’s marketing efforts and referral practices. As an attorney at the firm, he provides holistic legal counsel to his clients with the same passion and fervor that fuels his father’s work.

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