Executive Team

Shawn Lehocky

Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Lehocky is the son of a union steamfitter whose passions are technology and physics.
Perhaps that’s why he sees his main responsibility as Chief Executive Officer of Pond Lehocky Giordano LLP as future-proofing the firm.

In the ever-evolving legal industry, the law is always changing, and the business of law is being reinvented constantly by new technology and the integration of best management practices adopted long ago in other industries.

Shawn knows that staying on top of this evolution, understanding how the legal industry will look in the future, and making sure Pond Lehocky Giordano can navigate those choppy waters through the use of cutting-edge technology, are what he must do so that the firm and its lawyers and staff can continue to deliver excellent legal services to its clients and successfully scale its operations.

But while future-proofing the firm is Shawn’s main responsibility as CEO, it isn’t his only one. He also devotes a significant amount of time to ensuring Pond Lehocky Giordano’s corporate culture remains the envy of other law firms, and to growing the Pond Lehocky Giordano brand with impactful, envelope-pushing marketing campaigns.
Shawn also plays a leading role in cultivating Pond Lehocky Giordano’s international referral network. In the four years since he began strategically building the firm’s referral network, the network has grown to include more than 2,000 law firms in every state and in a growing number of countries abroad. To date, the firm has referred more than 160,000 cases to its referral network.

Shawn shares the same last name as Pond Lehocky Giordano founding partner Jerry Lehocky. (Shawn is Jerry’s nephew.) But Shawn’s rise to CEO of Pond Lehocky Giordano is not another example of a law firm executive securing their position through nepotism instead of qualifications.
Far from it, actually.

In the nine years Shawn had been at the firm before he was named CEO, he worked his way up its ranks. He served as a legal assistant, an operations manager, the director of operations, and chief strategy officer. Through these positions, Shawn saw every facet of the firm’s operations and began building the systems and processes that were necessary to ensure clients received superb legal counsel and client service—and necessary to help the firm grow.
Under Shawn’s leadership, Pond Lehocky Giordano has expanded into practice areas that complement its primary workers’ compensation and Social Security disability practices. This includes new short- and long-term disability insurance departments. At the same time, with Shawn at the helm, the firm has broadened the holistic approach it takes to its clients’ legal needs by expanding the areas of law covered by its nationwide referral network so that it can help its clients with all of their legal needs, anytime, anyplace.

In addition to his role as CEO at Pond Lehocky Giordano, Shawn also serves as CEO of LegalOps, a joint venture between Pond Lehocky Giordano and Brio Solutions. The company develops applications to integrate Litify, a cloud-based legal case management and business operations platform, with other back-office solutions and systems.
Shawn joined Pond Lehocky Giordano in 2012 soon after graduating early from Westminster College in December 2011.

Shawn lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife and daughter. In his limited free time, you might find him tinkering with technology—just like he did in high school when he built a full electronic scoreboard from scratch for his school’s baseball team.

Shawn Lehocky