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Shawn Lehocky

Shawn Lehocky

Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Lehocky is the son of a union steamfitter whose passions are technology and physics.

Perhaps that’s why he sees his main responsibility as Chief Executive Officer of Pond Lehocky Giordano LLP as future-proofing the firm.

In the ever-evolving legal industry, the law is always changing, and the business of law is being reinvented constantly by new technology and the integration of best management practices adopted long ago in other industries.

Shawn knows that staying on top of this evolution, understanding how the legal industry will look in the future, and making sure Pond Lehocky Giordano can navigate those choppy waters through the use of cutting-edge technology, are what he must do so that the firm and its lawyers and staff can continue to deliver excellent legal services to its clients and successfully scale its operations.

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Jennifer Heinz

Jennifer Heinz

Chief Administrative Officer

Jennifer Heinz is the Chief Administrative Officer at Pond Lehocky. She has held that role since the firm opened its doors in 2010. Prior to that, Ms. Heinz worked with Pond Lehocky’s founding partners at their previous firm for eight years. In her role, she deals with many different aspects of starting and running a law firm, including recruiting, training, marketing, accounting, IT, operations and facilities. Under her watch, Pond Lehocky has grown from 22 employees in a single Philadelphia office to more than 250 in offices nationwide today.

Bryan Reilly

Bryan Reilly

Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Reilly is the Chief Financial Officer at Pond Lehocky. In his role he manages all accounting, finance, banking and investment functions for the firm. He built the accounting and finance team, which now has over a dozen people, and manages its workflow and processes. His team has overseen and supported consistent year-over-year revenue and profit growth. In addition, he serves as treasurer of the firm’s charitable arm, Pond Lehocky Foundation, and its political action committee, Pennsylvanians for the Disabled.


Adam Goldstein

Chief Strategy Officer

Adam Goldstein is Pond Lehocky Giordano’s Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to this role, Goldstein served as Vice President/Director of Relationship Development where he advanced the firm’s referral business, implementing the underlying methodology, technology, and processes that have exponentially boosted the firm’s referral caseload and revenue. Goldstein manages multiple revenue generating teams at the firm. He plays a lead role in vetting referral attorney credentials by fomenting reciprocal relationships to ensure cases are assigned to attorneys with the specialty expertise and skills needed to win.  As Chief Strategy Officer, Goldstein leads the team in continuously reviewing the legal case landscape to identify and quantify potential opportunities for case investment and developing effective capture strategies for case areas selected.


Dylan Pond

Chief Investment Officer

Dylan Pond is an avid traveler. We’re talking “80 countries visited with maybe a few dozen more visited by the time you read this” avid.

He’s such an avid traveler that he was ranked as the second-most-traveled American between the ages of 20 and 29, according to Most Traveled People and NomadMania.

But he’s not one of those travelers that touches down in a country, spends a few hours there, and then heads off to another one once he’s checked that country off his list.

Not Dylan. He’s more of a “live like a local” type.

He wants to feel what it’s like to live in a particular country. He wants that experience—each and every one—to color how he sees the world and the opportunities in it, long after he’s returned home.

He wants to understand how the citizens of a country are impacted by global macroeconomic and sociopolitical developments, and how the microeconomic and sociopolitical developments those citizens live with each day impact the world.

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