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Eviction Notice? Nightmare Tenant?

Have you received an unfair eviction notice? Have you been refused housing because of your race or religion? Is your landlord refusing to make necessary repairs? Have you been injured or made ill by broken windows, mold growth or faulty wiring?

Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, when you are having rental property issues it’s important to sit down with a good landlord-tenant lawyer. He or she will help you understand your rights, responsibilities and state laws, and determine if you have a legal case.


A landlord-tenant attorney will handle these situations and more:

Help for tenants

  • Eviction and illegal retaliatory eviction
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, family status or disability
  • Problems getting your security deposit back
  • Unsafe or unsanitary conditions in your unit or around the property
  • “No pets” policies enforced against a service animal such as a seeing-eye dog


Help for landlords

  • Ensuring the property can legally be rented out
  • Checking that the building is up to code
  • Managing your finances and setting up a small business to shield yourself from liability
  • What can and can’t be included in a lease agreement
  • Reasons, rules and procedures for legal eviction of a tenant


Get a Free Consultation with a Landlord-Tenant Attorney

If you’re having problems with your property owner or renter, don’t wait until the situation escalates and gets out of hand. Talk to a lawyer now to ensure the best possible outcome.