Businesses not paying employees for Covid-19 related work.

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt on businesses throughout the nation. As many businesses start to open back up, it is important that all employers take extra medical and safety precautions. These extra COVID-19 precautions benefit the employees and the customers of the business. 

For instance, many businesses are paying close attention to sanitizing and cleaning their workspaces and equipment. Businesses are also administering medical tests of their employees, such as temperature checks or questionnaires regarding COVID-19 symptoms. These extra precautions, often taken before and after the workday, are necessary activities in this new day and age in which we live. Plus, COVID-19 medical screens have become a necessary part of the workplace, which means that employees’ wait time is also compensable. 

However, some businesses are not paying their employees for the time spent participating in COVID-19 related activities before, during, or after the workday. As such, employees are forced to work “off the clock” for engaging in these necessary medical and safety-related precautions. Pond Lehocky Law Firm is investigating businesses that failed to pay employees for off the clock work related to COVID-19. If your company forced you to engage in these necessary medical and safety-related activities off the clock, please call us. 

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