How Much Does A Social Security Disability Lawyer Cost?

There is no fee until you win! Our number one goal is to obtain a favorable result on your behalf, and therefore there is no fee unless our Social Security disability lawyers are successful in obtaining benefits for you.

Upon success, the Social Security Administration pays your lawyer 25% of your lump-sum benefits up to but no greater than $7,200, as dictated by the Social Security Act. That does not mean that your lawyer would automatically receive $7,200 of your lump-sum money. Rather, it means that your lawyer would receive 25% of your lump-sum benefit that would not exceed $7,200.

For example, if 25% of your lump-sum benefits amounted to $10,000, the most your lawyer would be paid is $7,200. Furthermore, since Social Security pays the fee directly to your lawyer, there is no out-of-pocket cost to you!

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