Honoring Mike Fera and Talking Labor: Sam Pond Interviewed on the Labor Show

Interview with Sam & Dylan Pond On Talk 860 WWDB-AM

On April 24, Founding Partner Sam Pond was interviewed by Joe Dougherty on The Labor Show, broadcast on Talk 860 WWDB-AM. Dougherty, managing partner of Talk-Radio-Philly and PhillyLabor, spoke with Pond about the evolving landscape of workers’ rights, keeping hostile insurance companies in check, and the importance of educating the public and the next generation about labor rights and leadership.

In particular, Pond extolled the tenacity of 2024 Legends of Labor Hall of Fame inductee Mike Fera. As the Cement Masons Local 592 Business Manager, Fera negotiates contracts on behalf of his members, addresses violations of his members’ rights, and represents them while looking out for their best interests. Mike Fera is the second inductee of the Legends of Labor Hall of Fame, which is overseen by, JAKIB Media, and Keel Communications. Pond Lehocky Giordano congratulates him on this prestigious honor!

Sam Pond’s ties to organized labor

Pond’s early life was marked by a deep awareness of the struggles workers face, particularly when injuries go unreported. His personal experiences with labor injustices began at home. His mother, employed in a North Philadelphia sweatshop, sustained a work injury in an environment devoid of proper insurance protections. Meanwhile, his father suffered severe burns from a steam accident while employed at Philadelphia Gas Works, only to face challenges from his employer when securing his pension.

Motivated by these formative experiences, Pond has dedicated his career to defending workers against the unfair practices of employers and insurance companies. His work at Pond Lehocky Giordano continues to reflect his commitment to championing the rights of laborers.

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