Pond Lehocky managing partner Sam Pond joined Liticast live

In a move to help law firms transition to a successful work-from-home business model, Pond Lehocky’s managing partner Samuel H. Pond, Esq., appeared on the world-wide distributed legal podcast, LitiCast, speaking to hundreds of viewers about the importance of using innovative technology during challenges times.

Pond lent his voice and expertise on the live broadcast Thursday, April 30. Liticast is Litify’s new livestream broadcast channel to stay connect, informed, and on the fore front of the ever-changing landscape of the legal industry. Pond joined Litify leaders to discuss how to best transition to a fully remote business model. Pond also discussed topics surrounding the firm’s practice areas: workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, employment law, and shot- and long-term disability. The live, unscripted broadcast was streamed on Litify’s channels: LinkedIn, YouTube, and website.

“Pandemics don’t happen every day. In fact, they haven’t happened in a century in our country. So, we have to look at these crises as opportunities to learn,” Pond shared. “After being involved in the legal industry for 30 years, we have certain rules in crisis in our firm. The first thing is do no harm. We don’t want to be in a situation in the crisis to do any more harm. Secondly, don’t panic. Keep the fear level lower. And then make sure you use this technology as best as we possibly can to be able to serve our clients as effectively as if nothing ever happened.”

Founded in late 2016, Litify is a cloud-base software system whose mission is to empower the legal community to deliver optimal outcomes for their clients with the leading practice management platform for law firms of every type. Liticast is Litify’s new livestream broadcast channel to stay connect, informed, and on the fore front of the ever-changing landscape of the legal industry. The livestreams feature other industry leaders, experts, and technology gurus to bring the same level of relevant knowledge, connection, and opportunity that our community of legal professionals have come to expect from Litify.

The new virtual live series is in place of their popular in-person events, Litiquest and LitiquestX, which over the years have provided the opportunity to closely partner with other leaders in the industry to share knowledge. Because of the strong community built by these events, it is important to continue to carry out this mission in a way that is accessible, even during the most difficult times. Pond also joined on the Litiquest tour last year with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and John Morgan, Esq.

“I can’t thank you enough for your long-standing belief in Litify and your partnership and your friendship and your whole staff,” Litify’s Chief Revenue Office Terry Dohrmann closed the broadcast with. “It’s just really amazing people. You guys were literally our first client and I can’t thank you enough for that. Stay safe.”

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