Sam Pond speaks with Transit Workers Union to discuss rights for frontlines workers

Pond Lehocky managing partner Sam Pond joined president of the Transit Workers Union of America (TWU) Local 234 Willie Brown on April 15th for a virtual town hall.  

We want to answer questions about Coronavirus and the Family First Act Bill,” Brown said. “We’ve had three deaths and roughly 66 people who have tested positive.”  

Sam Pond, who grew up with union roots and was recently award the Peggy Browning award for his service to unions. Pond answered questions for the frontline workers regarding their rights to workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits, and what their family members are entitled too.  

“I think that the transportation workers are often overlooked in this process. I think there has to be more knowledge about what you guys are doing on the front lines in regard to how essential you are in order to make our community and our society and quite frankly, our democracy tick in a pandemic,” Pond stated. 

The entire town hall can be viewed here. 

Every day, many of our nation’s most vulnerable workers put on their armor to go to work. These essential workers are keeping our lights on, restocking our shelves with food, and battling the deadly coronavirus on the front lines. Now more than ever, they deserve our support, protection and thanks.  

If you are one of these brave front line workers, we invite you and anyone else working during the pandemic toaccess our COVID-19 Hotline by calling 267-606-4343. For more information, please visit our website.  

Pond is a former President of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, he served for six years as treasurer of that organization’s Committee for a Better Tomorrow. He is also the chairman of the Pennsylvania Alliance. He has previously served in leadership roles for numerous organizations, including chair of the Philadelphia Bar Ass

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