Attorneys Maureen “Morty” Cassidy and Andrew Ruder discuss Workers’ Compensation on BCTV

On Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Dennis Straub was joined by Pond Lehocky Attorneys Maureen “Morty” Cassidy and Andrew Ruder to discuss the ins and outs of workers’ compensation on BCTV’s Injured Workers of PA. The show’s topic was, “Workers’ Compensation—What you need to know!”

Andrew Ruder interpreted the various components of workers’ compensation and which benefits are awarded under what circumstances. “As many of you may know, workers’ compensation is broken down into two different benefits,” said Andrew.  “It’s wage loss benefits for loss of earnings as a result of a work injury, and then medical benefits for any treatment related to the work injury.”

Morty Cassidy went on to explain the importance of retaining experienced legal counsel to help you navigate the complex workers’ compensation system in Pennsylvania. “The workers’ compensation system is extremely intricate and complicated, so unfortunately if you are injured at work, it’s very important for you to have somebody to guide you along the process,” said Morty.  “There are many nuances and many intricacies that you as an injured worker may not know about; however, those who have experience in the system would have knowledge and be able to guide you towards your best route.”

To watch the full recording of “Workers’ Compensation—What you need to know!”, click here.

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