How We Took Our Firm to the Next Level

Pond Lehocky has been using a cutting-edge platform for nearly two years: Litify; a cloud-based software system built with Salesforce by law firms, for law firms.

Litify’s integrated and automated technology helps drive profitability and increase efficiency. The system’s benefits extend to intakes, reports, case management, marketing, phone system, application stores, reduction in operating expenses, and much more.

How did our use of Litify come about?

About three years ago, Managing Partner Sam Pond had the opportunity to sit down with the CIO of SAP, one of the largest software companies in the world (with their main competitors being Oracle and Microsoft). The purpose of the discussion was to develop an integrated technological platform for personal injury law firms. Although there was interest from SAP, ultimately the solution was developed by the amazing team at Litify, who shared our Firm’s vision for the future of legal technology. This is a product built on Salesforce, the 4th largest software company in the world.

We have seen the myriad benefits of Litify since we fully migrated to it last year, and we remain just as excited and enthusiastic about the platform as we did when we first began implementing it. Our vision now is for our entire referral network to realize the benefits of using this integrated, automated system to drive efficiencies and profitability in their own firm.

This technology allows our network to optimize collaboration together

Most of the firms we work closely with have adopted Litify as well, with advantages including the ability to develop referral partnerships with other firms using the same platform, the ability to set up operational efficiencies within their own firm so departments can easily integrate with each other, and seamless, more efficient work with our Firm. On our end, using Litify means your referrals are dealt with promptly, and your clients receive our care with optimal speed.

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