LegalOps: Pond Lehocky’s latest foray onto the cutting edge

Pond Lehocky is on a mission to find better ways of leveraging new technology to keep the quality of its work high while minimizing the time spent on manual, low value tasks. A couple of years ago, that mission led the firm to migrate to Litify, a cloud-based practice management software platform. Now, the work with Litify has brought about a new business venture—LegalOps.

New technology inspires innovation

Pond Lehocky was an early adopter of Litify and it has remained just as enthusiastic about the platform as it was when it first implemented it. The system’s benefits have extended to intakes, reports, case management, marketing, the phone system, application stores, operational efficiency and much more.

Litify’s chief benefit is that it helps law firms sort through the data to find the key measurements of success. It offers customized analytics that provide a comprehensive picture of the overall health and financial performance of the firm.

“Thanks to the automation, Litify allows us to go places in the next couple of months that would take us 5-10 years to get to,” Pond Lehocky’s Chief Strategy Officer Shawn Lehocky said. “We were one of the first customers and truly believe in the disruption their software is bringing into our space.”

The need for seamless connectivity

The relationship between Pond Lehocky and Litify has been so fruitful that new ideas, enhancements and joint opportunities have resulted. The firm has even helped spearhead the creation of LegalOps, a joint venture between Pond Lehocky and Brio Solutions.

Lehocky says that after adopting Litify, he saw the need to have connectivity across all the services and systems a law firm uses so it can provide efficient client service and ensure the key business metrics are performing as expected. That need materialized into the core mission of LegalOps.

LegalOps develops applications to integrate Litify with other back-office solutions and systems to ensure seamless connectivity among all the services a law firm uses. Lehocky is the start-up’s CEO and created its business model.

“We started LegalOps to help accelerate the adoption of technology in the legal industry, for years this industry has lagged behind many other domains with regards to leveraging data, systems and software that clients are used to experiencing with many other types of services,” Lehocky said.

“Legal Ops mission is to help connect any and all services that a law firm needs to have integrated into their core platform in order to provide efficient and seamless client service and make sure the key business metrics are performing as expected,” he added.

A solution launched, more to come

The company’s first undertaking is Records Express, a solution that automates the medical records retrieval process for law firms. The application seamlessly integrates Litify with healthcare providers medical records systems, saving valuable time.

It gives law firms access to a network of medical providers within a HIPPA-compliant environment, allowing them to quickly request and receive documents. The software allows law firms to manage, track and understand the number of outstanding medical requests and the costs associated with those requests.

More applications like this are sure to follow. The company is inspired to help other tech-savvy legal operations teams find solutions to their most pressing technological challenges.

LegalOps is the preferred app developer for Litify. Firms can come the LegalOps and ask the company to build solutions to address their individual issues. Legal Ops will develop, test and rollout the applications. The company is the product owner for the apps it develops. It also acts as a consultant product manager for Litify, helping those with Litify-related needs.

A ‘Litify evangelist’

LegalOps is just another manifestation of Pond Lehocky’s passionate embrace of Litify.

“I would say I am a Litify evangelist, I have hosted dozens of law firms in our office and help them see how we are leveraging this software and how to think differently about running their law firms as businesses,” Lehocky said. “As far as Litify goes, we were one of the first customers and truly believe in the disruption their software is bringing into our space.”

Lehocky and the firm believe so much in Litfy’s technology, they’ve been inspired to innovate on their own with LegalOps. The vision is to go nationwide, helping all Litify customers find connectivity and integration solutions. With one application in the bag and another on the way, LegalOps is well on its way.

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