Pond Lehocky continues to fight for all workers

Starting out with just six attorneys, Pond Lehocky made a promise over a decade ago – they would help ALL workers get the holistic care they deserve.  The firm has proven it can weather any storm and provide consistent outcomes for our clients, build an award-winning culture for our staff, and serve our community in good times and challenging times 

“We’re very grateful and thankful to all of our staff, our executive team, I’m grateful to the partners. But most of all, we’re grateful to those clients that have allowed us to have the honor and privilege of representing them,” managing partner Samuel H. Pond said. “This vision of representing those that have been injured and disabled, locally and throughout the country is a dream for all of us. It’s something that we love to do, and we’re going to continue to do it.”  

The firm has expanded its geographical footprint from downtown Philadelphia to nationwide, including California, New Jersey, New York, and shortly after, a national referral network. Our partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles became official in 2017, the year the birds won the world championship.  Thanks to our success and growth, in 2018, we added long-term disability and employment law departments. 

“There has been no greater honor and privilege than to work alongside the partners and to watch and learn what it means to be a real leader and a passionate advocate for our clients,” Thomas J. Giordano sharedI am proud of what we have built together and equally proud of our incredible staff and attorneys that push us to get better every day. The success of this firm is truly a team effort. We are all blessed that we have been able to have helped so many injured and disabled and it is my mission to ensure that we will continue to help for generations to come. 

We are excited to continue our work with the same commitment and promise our partners made when they founded the firm, help all workers get the holistic care they deserve. The firm is committed to listening and learning as we grow 

As such, the firm launched its first ever Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The committee will be co-chaired by founding partner Thomas Giordano and senior associate Melissa Chandy. It will be comprised of attorneys, members of the firm’s executive team, and staff members of all different backgrounds. The goal of this committee is to promote ideas and events to further the spirit of diversity and inclusion, develop policies and practices to recruit, support, promote, and retain staff with diverse experiences and attributes and importantly incorporate racial justice and diversity in our community engagement and outreach efforts. The creation of this committee is a call to action to promote diversity and inclusion, not only within the firm’s walls, but within the community.   

“We continue to bring the highest professional representation. Representing those in need that have entrusted us with their lives and their family’s lives. We look forward to many, many more decades of representing you,” Pond said 

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