Pond Lehocky Giordano and The Voter Project bring you a LIVE Q&A

As our community and country prepare for a unique Election Day, Pond Lehocky Giordano remains committed to Promote the Vote. We’ve teamed up with The Voter Project to bring you a LIVE Q&A.  

Viewers can join the live discussion and watch the recording afterwards here 

Founding partner Thomas J. Giordano joins Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee co-chair and senior associate Melissa Chandy as well as Susan Gobreski from The Voter Project. They are discussing a variety of topics, including where and when to vote, Election Day volunteer opportunities, and what you can do to Promote the Vote.  

Susan Gobreski is a 25+ year career advocate, focusing on campaign strategies and program development for improving public policy around equity, opportunity and quality of life issues, such as economic opportunity, democracy and education. That work has been centered on integrating policy analysis and implementation with public engagement, organizing, and has included extensive coalition work focused election engagement and leadership development and training for individuals and organizations.   

Gobreski currently serves as a Senior Advisor with The Voter Project, leading efforts to ensure Pennsylvania’s polling locations are open at full capacity and on the Project’s overall efforts to help people cast their ballot and ensure all votes are counted. She holds a BA in Political Science from Temple University, was a 2009 EPLC/Institute for Educational Leadership Fellow (IEL), and is completing a master’s degree in Education Policy at Temple University.

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