Managing Partner Sam Pond Pays His Respects at Workers’ Memorial Breakfast

On Friday, April 28th over 300 people gathered at the 29th PhilaPOSH Annual Workers’ Memorial Breakfast to commemorate those whose lives were taken too soon because of a work related accident or illness.

Managing Partner Sam Pond paid his respects at the Memorial Breakfast,  and joined the many other guest speakers at the event including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf; Rick Engler, member of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board; Nancy Winkler, mother of Anne Bryan who was killed in 2013 from a building collapsing on the Salvation Army thrift store on Market Street; President Rick Bloomingdale of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO; and Temple Law Professor Jennifer Lee.

The speakers focused on the importance of workers’ rights and safety in the workplace for everyone. Sam—quoted in an article published on, the online edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer—emphasized the ongoing fight for workers’ rights, especially against the newest harmful legislation pending in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives: House Bill 18 (HB-18).

HB-18 would destroy the foundation of the Workers’ Compensation Act and violates one of the greatest political compromises in history, in which citizens gave up a constitutional right to sue for damages in exchange for guaranteed payment for lost wages and medical expenses. It would take away workers’ right to fair medical treatment by denying injured workers a medical expert and preventing injured workers from getting the treatment they need to get better. This farce of a bill fails to comply with the humanitarian intent of the law, and instead increases the profits of insurance companies while forcing injured workers to pay the price.

“We have to understand this attack is real,” quoted Sam. “This bill has to be defeated. It will ruin lives.”

Read the full article here.

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