Pond Lehocky teams with Kids’ Chance of PA to help work accident victims’ children

As the Law Firm that helps injured and disabled workers’ put their lives back together, Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano knows full well the toll a workplace accident takes on families.

A workplace injury can have a devastating effect on a family. For the families of those fatally or seriously injured in the workplace, the legal process is just the beginning of their journey to recovery.

So, to further its mission to help workers and their families, Pond Lehocky is partnering with Kids’ Chance of PA (KCPA), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the children of workplace accident victims pursue their education dreams.

KCPA provides scholarship grants for college and vocational education to the children of Pennsylvania workers killed or seriously injured in work-related accidents. Since its inception in 1997, the organization has awarded more than 900 scholarships totaling more than $2 million.

Children under the age of 25 that are heading into post-secondary schooling are eligible for a KCPA scholarship, which may be renewed for eight semesters.

In addition to teaming with KCPA, Pond Lehocky Partner Jerry Lehocky has been named to KCPA’s board of directors for a two-year term.

Families of work-accident victims can be left shaken to the core. The death or disability of a breadwinner can leave the family teetering on financial disaster. Parents, who had big dreams for the children, are left with crushing realization that they cannot help with their children fulfill those dreams because of the onerous, ever-increasing expense of education.

The partnership with KCPA highlights Pond Lehocky’s commitment to holistic care of their clients. By teaming with KCPA, the Firm reaffirms that its dedication to injured and disabled workers extends beyond the legal process. The Firm seeks to address all their clients’ needs to make their clients whole again.  Part of that mission is to ensure that accident victims’ children have the same opportunities they would have had if the tragic incident had not occurred.

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