The Guardian features Pond Lehocky client and Sam Pond about Verizon’s heartless response to employee’s death

A Pond Lehocky client and her story make international headlines after The Guardian publishes an exclusive article, highlighting the work managing partner Samuel H. Pond does and the firm’s fight to help victims of workplace violations and safety issues. 


Natalie Salvatore shares in the article how her late husband, Alfred, passed away from Covid-19 after repeatedly sounding the alarm for lack of protections from Verizon. Alfred Salvatore was a 47-year-old service technician at Verizon for more than 20 years and a proud member of the CWA local 1300. His wife and two daughters are now looking for justice. 


Sam Pond, who represents Natalie, has worked for more than 30 years to stop workplace violations from happening throughout the United States, including mega giants and companies like Verizon. As an advocate for workers’ rights, Pond fights for hard-working Americans who have been injured or disabled while on the job. 


“Verizon didn’t do anything when he was in harm’s way and they didn’t do anything when he died. Now they are contesting his death was caused by being exposed to Covid-19, despite knowing the overwhelming evidence will indicate he was in nursing homes and in public spaces with no protection,” Pond shared with The Guardian.  “They’ve been consistent in their response through this whole tragedy and it’s been inhumane and heartless.”  


Pond Lehocky Giordano continues to fight for the Salvatore family and all families who suffer unjust losses due to improper working conditions.  


“My husband was a healthy 47-year-old man with no prior health conditions, and it took his life,” added Natalie. “To say my daughters are devastated is an understatement. It’s heartbreaking. It’s a true loss for our family and for everybody who knew him.” 

The entire story can be read here. 


Pond is a founding and managing partner of Pond Lehocky Giordano, one of the largest workers’ compensation and disability law firms in Pennsylvania. A former President of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, he served for six years as treasurer of that organization’s Committee for a Better Tomorrow. He has previously served in leadership roles for numerous organizations, including chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Section and member of the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners. 

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