Where Are They Now? Kevin Mitchell

At Pond Lehocky, our clients
always come first. We are there for our clients throughout their case
listening, guiding and advocating on their behalf during what can often be a
difficult journey. Our goal is to help put our clients lives back together,
support them in every way and celebrate together when the fight is won.

Looking at where our clients
are now that their case is over is a rewarding experience, reminding us of why
we work so hard. This month, we connected with our client Kevin.

Kevin worked with the same
company for over 15 years, doing maintenance work and physical labor. After
years of repetitive work, Kevin developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both of his
hands and stiffness throughout his body. “I couldn’t use my hands, I couldn’t
bend. I couldn’t use my limbs,” Kevin says, describing what he went through as
he faced his new reality—he could no longer work due to his disability.

The job had taken a toll on
him, leaving him burdened with a painful condition and unable to provide for
his family. Kevin applied for Social Security disability benefits on his
own and was unsuccessful. Then he applied again with the help of Pond Lehocky
Stern Giordano Disability.

Kevin called Pond Lehocky and says,
“…they came to the rescue.” Pond Lehocky helped Kevin obtain Social
Security disability benefits. Kevin felt a lot of pressure throughout his case,
but says that since he’s won, “a lot of weight has been taken off.” Now that
Kevin is collecting disability and getting the benefits he deserves, he is able
to help pay the bills. With the weight lifted off his shoulders, Kevin says he
can help his family, spend time with his loved ones, and focus on the important
things—his health, his happiness and his family.

Hearing from our clients, who are the foundation of our mission, drives us to become better advocates and continue to fight for the benefits they need. If you or a loved one would like to share your story, contact our client relations specialist at . We would love to learn about your experience and hear your Pond Lehocky story.

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