What should a worker do after getting injured on the job?

As long as you were not doing anything illegal, your injury is covered. So, do not hesitate to report your injury—even if you feel it may be your fault. Job-related illnesses that occur over time such as mesothelioma and repetitive trauma injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome must be reported as soon as a diagnosis has been obtained and you learn that the injury or condition is related to your employment.

It is extremely important to report your injury to your supervisor or employer IMMEDIATELY after your injury, even if it doesn’t cause you to miss work or seem that bad. When reporting, you must include the date, time and circumstances of your injury.

You must report that you were injured and that your injury was caused by your job. We suggest that you give that notice in writing. If you develop an occupational illness over time that can be related to your job, you should report it as soon as you receive a doctor’s diagnosis. Injuries must be reported to your supervisor or the person whose job it is to prepare injury reports.

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