Shawn Lehocky discusses how data is bringing ‘tidal wave of change’ to plaintiffs’ firms

Pond Lehocky Chief Strategy Officer Shawn Lehocky was recently featured in a Jan. 27 article by the Legal Intelligencer, offering his insights into how the use of data analytics is changing the landscape for the plaintiffs’ bar.

Calling the recent entry of data analytics into the space a “tidal wave of change, Lehocky discussed how firms have customarily used technology.

“Traditionally law firms use case management systems, on the plaintiffs side, to manage files,” Lehocky told the Intelligencer. “Those systems were never meant to be a full enterprise system, where HR is tied into finances, and into marketing. Historically, every department had different software that didn’t talk to each other.”

Now, the latest technology ties those functions together, allowing firms to more efficiently identify additional claims clients may have that should be pursued or referred to other lawyers. This generates new revenue streams for firms, he said.

He further explained what is driving plaintiffs’ firms to embrace data analytics.

“We have the incentive to be efficient in our time,” Lehocky said. “The other side has a different incentive. They get paid by hours spent.”

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Lehocky earned an MBA with a concentration in data analytics from Drexel University and a bachelor’s in economics from Westminster College. In addition to his role as Pond Lehocky’s Chief Strategy Officer, he is also the CEO of LegalOps. LegalOps is a joint venture between Pond Lehocky and Brio Solutions that develops applications to integrate Litify, a cloud-based case management and business operations system, with other back-office solutions to ensure seamless connectivity among all the services a law firm uses.

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