Do you have questions regarding your benefits?

As millions of Americans are impacted by the growing COVID-19 pandemic, our law firm and COVID-19 task force have been working diligently around the clock for you and have launched a Pond Lehocky COVID-19 Hotline. As a firm that represents workers, we understand that getting you information on your employee rights and answering your questions are crucial as the situation continues to unfold. Below, you will find some important information and benefits that you may be eligible for due to the pandemic.

Access the Pond Lehocky COVID-19 Hotline by calling 267-606-4343.

COVID–19 AND WORKERS’ COMPENSATION: If you believe you were exposed to the virus while at work, you must notify your employer immediately. If you are in an occupation where you are working with or in large groups and/or you use your hands to touch boxes, tools and surfaces, you may have an occupational disease case and could be eligible for compensation. Keep in mind that under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, you are only considered disabled if the injury or disease causes you to lose wages.

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION AND LAYOFFS: If you have had a previous work injury and are laid off, you may be entitled to a reinstatement of your workers’ compensation benefits. Furthermore, if you have a job that causes you daily pain, and you need medical treatment, you may have a repetitive claim.

UNEMPLOYMENT AND WORKERS’ COMPENSATION: More than 100,000 people in Pennsylvania alone have applied for unemployment benefits since the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have any questions and/or are denied unemployment benefits, let us help. You can receive unemployment and still pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY: If you have been laid off, are age 50 or older, and have been thinking about retiring, you can receive Social Security disability (SSD) benefits in addition to your pension. Even if you are working while dealing with any medical conditions, many union members are entitled to $2,700 each month plus medical coverage. We make it easy by applying for you.

SHORT-TERM AND LONG-TERM DISABILITY: Many union workers have short- and long-term disability policies through their places of employment. Any underlying medical condition allows you to apply for those benefits, which are generally 70 percent of your gross wages. We have an experienced team of attorneys who can review your policy and give you a professional opinion.

We are here to help, and we hope to give you some peace of mind in these unprecedented times. The health and safety of our clients and staff, which includes many union members, will always remain our number one priority.

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