Here are some important COVID-19 resources for you

As our community and country are faced with an unprecedented pandemic, we are here to provide legal advice and counsel in these most difficult times. At Pond Lehocky, we take holistic approach to our care. As such, we’ve gathered some resources for our community to reference. 

For more information, call our COVID-19 Hotline at 267-606-4343. 






Employees are eligible for these benefits if they personally are experiencing medical difficulties relating to the coronavirus. Employees who are furloughed without pay will not generally be eligible for these benefit plans. Learn more 



If you are employed in Pennsylvania and are unable to work because of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), you may be eligible for Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation benefits. The Department of Labor & Industry will continue to provide important employment benefit updates as the situation evolves. 







  • On March 19, 2020, Governor Wolf and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine signed executive orders which prohibit elective medical and surgical procedures from being performed in Pennsylvania during the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, physicians, dentists and other health care practitioners were prohibited by the order from performing elective procedures until the executive orders are lifted. 
  • The CARES Act provides more than $140 billion to support our nation’s health system. Moreover, $100 billion will be given to hospitals, and the rest will go towards providing personal and protective equipment for health care workers, testing supplies, training, Medicare payments, and supporting the CDC. 
  • If you or your office is looking for volunteers, donations, or are working to help essential workers during the pandemic, let us know so we can share the information with our network. 



  • Small business relief: $350 billion is being dedicated to preventing layoffs and business closures while workers have to stay home during the outbreak. Companies with 500 employees or fewer that maintain their payroll during coronavirus can receive up to 8 weeks of cash-flow assistance. If employers maintain payroll, the portion of the loans used for covered payroll costs, interest on mortgage obligations, rent, and utilities would be forgiven. 
  • If you or your firm are looking are working to help essential workers during the pandemic or have important information we can share with our network and client database, let us know. 
  • As a reminder, if your referral network operations are impacted by the pandemic, please keep us apprised so we can try to help and readjust where needed. 
  • The US Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship has created a comprehensive guide to many of the small business provisions in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that was just passed by Congress. 


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