Partner Tom Giordano shares how he found his true calling in Suburban Life magazine’s latest issue

Partner Tom Giordano was recently featured in Suburban Life magazine’s January issue. In “Attitude of Gratitude,” Tom reveals how thankful he is to be a founding partner of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, and how that feeling fuels the drive to win justice for his Social Security disability clients.

“Giordano did know that [joining the firm] was a golden opportunity. The young attorney happily said goodbye to defense work, and found the satisfaction he missed: ‘Ithink my passion was more for helping people more like me, like my family’… Being asked to help lead the charge was a life-changing moment for Giordano, one he puts on par with getting married and the birth of his children.”

Tom also discusses the empathetic mindset behind the unfailing care and dedication he devotes to clients.

“‘You can’t be a Social Security disability attorney and not be empathetic and compassionate about what that person is going through,’ he says. ‘When we get a phone call, we’re getting that person at their worst. They’re in pain, most likely. They are unable to work, unable to pay their bills. They may have a family and they’re stressed out. We have an opportunity to really change their lives.’”

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