Pond Lehocky Applauds Official Partners Philadelphia Eagles on Improbable Win

Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano congratulates the Philadelphia Eagles
as the team again defied all predictions and defeated the favored Chicago Bears
in a heart-stopping 16-15 Wild Card playoff battle.

As an Official Partner of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Firm
also reaffirmed its full-throated support as the team travels to New Orleans to
take on the top-seeded Saints in next week’s divisional round. The Eagles will
again be facing long odds, but that has yet to stop them.

Persistence and Excellence

To Managing Partner Sam Pond, the astounding victory offers a
lesson on perseverance in the face of adversity.

“You can hear me TALK about believing and about how nothing is impossible,” Pond said. “OR you can watch the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES DO IT!

Pond Lehocky could not be prouder of its Official Partner. The
Firm stresses its commitment to strive continually for excellence and never
back down from a fight, no matter the odds. The Eagles embody those principles.

The team were underdogs throughout their run to last year’s
championship. This year, they bounced back from a rough start to win 5 of their
last 6 games, get into the playoffs and defeat the heavily favored Bears on the

An Obvious Match

The turn of events highlights why Pond Lehocky’s partnership with
the team is a perfect fit.

Pond Lehocky became an Official Partner of the Philadelphia
Eagles in early 2018—bringing the reigning World Champs together with the Team
Behind You.

The partnership reinforces Pond Lehocky’s commitment to
excellence and its deep roots in the community.

At the time the Official Partnership was announced, Pond
Lehocky’s Attorney Partners stressed how running an outstanding law firm is
like coaching a winning team. The players need to work together with guidance
and encouragement from the coach to win the game.

“The coach must be straightforward and effective. Like our
Official Partners the Philadelphia Eagles’ coach Doug Pederson, we believe that
prioritizing relationships requires leadership. We strive for excellence,”
Managing Partner Sam Pond said at the time.

A Triumphant Year

The playoff victory is the latest highlight in Pond Lehocky’s
partnership with the Eagles. During 2018, the Firm, in its capacity as an
Official Partner:

  • Held five contests, awarding Eagles tickets and
    swag to clients, union members, radio listeners and social media followers.
  • Handed out Eagles swag, including t-shirts,
    rally towels, notebooks, water bottles, bottle openers and koozies.
  • Hosted referral partners, medical providers and
    more than a dozen unions at the Firm’s suite and club seats at Eagles games.
  • Held numerous special events featuring Eagles
    mascot SWOOP and several current and former players, including the Pond Lehocky Stern
    Giordano Pep Rally, the Race to the Estate 5k, the SWOOP Holiday Photo
    Opportunity for clients and a volunteer event with the Families Forward
    Homeless Shelter.

For both the Eagles and Pond Lehocky, the new year brings
new challenges and opportunities. The Firm strives to follow the team’s example
of excellence in the coming year.

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