Pond Lehocky exec Jenn Heinz discusses respecting pronoun preference in the workplace

Pond Lehocky’s Chief Human Resources Officer Jennifer Heinz was recently interviewed by HR Technologist, discussing how the firm is fostering an inclusive workplace by adding pronoun preferences to email signatures.

“In the grand scheme of things, we thought that this was a small gesture to illustrate and remind our employees, clients and partners of our inclusive culture,” said Heinz. “It is important for us to stand behind who we are as a firm and how we treat the unique identities and beliefs of our employees, clients and partners.”

Introduced in October, the addition of pronoun preferences grew out of the firm’s embrace of its already diverse workforce. The firm has long recognized that getting diverse perspectives and fresh insights helps it better connect with its clients, who come from all walks of life.

Since email is the most common form of digital communication, adding email preferences was a potent yet simple way to promote inclusion. Heinz noted that the move did not create any disruption, indicating the firm’s cultural readiness for such a step.

Heinz also discussed how Pond Lehocky is using the Predictive Index to identify what motivates and drives its employees. She talked about how the tool helps put people in positions that best align with their personalities, preferences and skillsets.

Also interviewed for the article was Donald “D.J.” Russell, a client service representative at Pond Lehocky and member of the LGBTQ+ community, who has felt the positive impact such initiatives has had.

“I have never worked for an employer where I felt as welcomed and understood as Pond Lehocky,” Russell said.

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HR Technologist is a leading trade publication with a focus on human resources, technology and technology investment trends and research.

Heinz has held that role of Chief Human Resources Officer at Pond Lehocky since the firm opened its doors in 2010. Prior to that, she worked with Pond Lehocky’s founding partners at their previous firm for eight years.

In her role, she has had to deal with many different aspects of starting and running a law firm, including recruiting, training, marketing, accounting, IT, operations and facilities. Under her watch, Pond Lehocky has grown from 22 employees in a single Philadelphia office to more than 250 in offices nationwide today. The firm has become the largest worker’s compensation firm in Pennsylvania, with the most certified workers’ compensation attorneys in the state. It also boasts a national Social Security disability practice that has helped more than 35,000 clients across the country.

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