Shawn Lehocky discusses efficiencies and business opportunities created by legal tech

Pond Lehocky Chief Strategy Officer Shawn Lehocky was recently featured in a Feb. 3 article by the Legal Intelligencer. He discussed how using technology can create efficiencies for plaintiffs’ firms, allowing them to provide top-quality service while maximizing clients’ recoveries.

“We’re using data analytics tools to get our clients to start talking and understanding everything that’s wrong with them. We’re talking about life, retirement plans, other medical ailments, where they’re at financially, where they’re at mentally,” Lehocky said. “We want everyone to feel like they are in a small law firm, where the staff attorneys know it like the back of their hand. That’s only available through data analytics.”

The article delves into Pond Lehocky’s relationship with Litify, which created the case management and business operations software platform the firm uses. Lehocky noted that the technology has allowed the firm to not only streamline its business but has also given rise to new innovations and opportunities.

The relationship between Pond Lehocky and Litify has been so fruitful that it has even given rise to a new business undertaking—LegalOps, a joint venture between Pond Lehocky and Brio Solutions. LegalOps develops applications to integrate Litify with other back-office solutions and systems to ensure seamless connectivity among all the services a law firm uses.

The plaintiffs’ bar has become a hotbed of innovation partially because the contingent fee business model allows for greater flexibility than an hourly billing model, Lehocky said. He also noted that plaintiffs’ firms are more likely to welcome nonlawyers with tech mindsets into leadership roles.

The article is the second in a series about the use of data analytics and emerging technologies by plaintiffs’ firms. To read the latest article, visit here. The previous one is available here.

Lehocky earned an MBA with a concentration in data analytics from Drexel University and a bachelor’s in economics from Westminster College. In addition to his role as Pond Lehocky’s Chief Strategy Officer, he is also the CEO of LegalOps.

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