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Help us stop House Bill 1800

House Bill 1800 could jeopardize injured workers’ right to receive quality healthcare from their own doctor. The bill would like to impose “evidence-based medical treatment guidelines” for injuries, meaning that doctors would have to follow a specific course of treatment rather than rely on their own judgement as to what is best for injured workers.

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Our political initiatives for Social Security

There are many false reports that Social Security disability is a welfare program or a handout. This is simply not true. We have taken steps to fight these untrue statements that have clouded some media such as:

  • emailing partner organizations with the key information they need to know,
  • attending discussions with top political leaders,
  • writing letters to various lawmakers urging them to make a change, and
  • creating a petition to help end delays within the Social Security administration.

Contacting your State Representatives:

You can be part of our political initiatives too. Stand with us by contacting your elected representatives and reminding them of two key things:

  • Social Security is an insurance policy you’ve paid for and deserve to receive if you cannot work because of a disability.
  • Lawmakers are responsible for helping to end delays within the system to ensure that people receive their benefits.

You can find the contact information for your U.S. Representative here and for your Senator here.

Use our Letter to Send to Your Representative

We’ve drafted a letter you can download and mail or email to your U.S. Representative or Senator. Download it here.

Petition to the House of Representatives

You can also have your voice heard by signing our petition. Remind lawmakers that collecting Social Security disability insurance is your right, not a government handout, and urge them to end processing delays.

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