To Our Official Partner, the Philadelphia Eagles—Good Luck!

When you think Philly, you think Eagles football. Pond Lehocky Giordano is an official partner of the Philadelphia Eagles, bringing the city’s beloved football team together with the Team Behind You.

This partnership reinforces Pond Lehocky’s commitment to excellence and its deep roots in the community. We understand community commitments and help our clients feel the best they can and work hard, just like the Eagles!

As we head into another football season here in Philly, our strong and committed partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles highlights what we do every day.

We have a solid game plan for our clients who are struggling with disabilities, injuries, mental health, daily adversity, and pain— and we get them the help they need so they can continue to elevate their game and get back to work.

We understand challenges and know that the Eagles see their share of them every week. Pond Lehocky is your best defense if you have a workers’ compensation claim, we’ll run interference for you, and help you get back to work. Score!

From Pond Lehocky to the Philadelphia Eagles, we are very proud to be an official partner, and wish Philadelphia Eagles the best of luck today in the draft!

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