Associate Nick Liermann appears on The Dan Abrams Show

Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano Associate Nicholas Liermann appeared as a guest legal analyst on the The Dan Abrams Show show on SiriusXM radio.

Nick discussed the recent criminal charges filed against former Broward County Sheriff Deputy Scot Peterson, who allegedly failed to confront the gunman during a rampage at the at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Peterson was charged with child neglect under a Florida law pertaining to caregivers.

Nick is a former homicide prosecutor. He was an active duty Captain in the U.S. Army and currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserve as a JAG officer. At Pond Lehocky, he represents injured workers in workers’ compensation matters and leads the firm’s TSGLI (Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection) practice group, helping injured servicemembers and veterans get short-term financial assistance to assist in the recovery from traumatic injuries.

The Dan Abrams Show airs every weekday form 2-3 p.m. on  Sirius XM’s POTUS, channel 124. Abrams and his guest analyze the biggest news stories of the day from a legal perspective.


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