Hearing Related Work Injuries Top 22 Million Annually

Have you or someone you know suffered from hearing loss or damage while on the job?  You are not alone. A recent article in USA Today asserts that hearing damage and hearing loss are the most common type of workplace injury in the United States.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are “approximately 22 million workers exposed annually to hazardous levels of occupational noise.” Numbers from the Department of Labor conclude that, “An estimated $242 million is spent on worker’s compensation annually for hearing loss disability.”

Though the majority of these types of injuries occur in the fields of construction, mining, and manufacturing, a study at Stanford University found that many cases arise from occupations where there is only a moderate level of noise. In such workplace environments, employers do not always see the need for supplying workers with safety equipment to protect their hearing, or employees are unaware that there is any danger of hearing damage or loss.

Not only can those affected endure irreparable harm to their hearing, but they can also experience dizziness, trouble with balance, and anxiety. Injured workers may find it difficult to engage in conversation or to be in public spaces due to a developed hypersensitivity to everyday sounds. The resulting isolation from avoiding public settings or social situations can also lead to depression.

Though OSHA has established safety standards and regulations to protect workers from auditory injury, these rules too often go unobserved or are not enforced by employers. Although the technology exists to prevent hearing-related injuries from occurring, it comes with an added expense that some companies are not willing to incur.

If you or a loved one have experienced hearing damage or loss due to a workplace injury, we can help. Click here to chat now. Our dedicated team of attorneys will fight for your rights and help you get the support and benefits you deserve.

Read the full article on USA Today here.

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