Partner Tom Giordano Featured in the Philadelphia Bar Reporter

Partner Tom Giordano, Jr.’s article was published in the Philadelphia Bar Reporter’s April 2018 issue, titled “Backlog of SSDI Claims, Is There a Solution?” The article discusses the Social Security disability backlog and highlights that “statistics show that more than one million people are waiting—sometimes for more than two years—for an appeal hearing to determine whether they qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance and/or Supplemental Security Income benefits.”

This concern was echoed in the February 2018 panel Tom moderated for, hosted by the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Social Security Disability Benefits Committee, titled: “Justice Delayed: A Panel Discussion on the Social Security Disability Backlog Crisis.” The panel discussed the recent Philadelphia Inquirer article by Claudia Vargas, which shed light on the public service crisis currently affecting hundreds of thousands of disabled Americans waiting to have their disability cases heard by a Judge.

At the conclusion of the article, Giordano advises readers to reach out to their elected officials in the federal government to raise awareness and draw attention to these delays. “It takes only a few inquiries from constituents to urge our officials to address the problem,” he writes.

To contact your elected official about these troubling (and often life-threatening) delays, click here.

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