Pond Lehocky Giordano Celebrates Seven Years of Extraordinary Growth, Protecting Injured Workers and Disabled Americans

In July of 2010, Partners Sam Pond, Jerry Lehocky and Thomas Giordano, Jr. founded a small workers’ compensation and Social Security disability law firm in the city of Philadelphia, dedicated to treating every client with the compassion and care they deserved. Over the next seven years, the Partners worked unceasingly to grow Pond Lehocky Giordano into the largest workers’ compensation firm in the region. They launched Disability Justice, a national Social Security disability advocacy group that now helps over 6,000 clients annually receive much needed benefits. In 2017, with over 240 staff members, 39 attorneys, and 12 office locations across the nation, the firm is able to provide the same unmistakable legal service to thousands of injured workers and disabled Americans across the country.

“Over the past seven years, we have grown and expanded because ‘client first’ is the foundation of everything we do,” said Managing Partner Sam Pond. “Our clients come to us because the system has failed them. Pond Lehocky Giordano was founded on the idea that no one is ‘just a case’: they are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and loyal employees that deserve a fighter in their corner to face down the insurers and get the benefits essential to recovery. These are people whose lives have been torn apart by a work injury, people who need the full support of a dedicated team to put the pieces back together. Each member of our firm is part of the ongoing battle for injured workers’ rights – not just in the courtroom, but also in the political arena against the regressive, insurance-funded legislation being pushed daily by politicians seeking to erode victims’ rights.”

Looking back over the years of fighting to protect workers’ rights, Managing Partner Sam Pond offered thanks to all who continue to make the firm’s success possible. “Because of our clients’ confidence in us, and the support from our colleagues, medical providers, unions and staff, we have been able to grow into the firm we are today,” he stated. “Together, we look forward to the future.”

The driving force behind the firm’s success has always been the Partners’ passion for helping those in need at one of the most difficult times of their lives.

“Thousands of people work very hard for their employers and give everything to their jobs over the years – then, suddenly, they’re injured. Immediately, they’re treated differently by their employer: not as a person, but as a liability,” said Partner Jerry Lehocky. “It’s overwhelming for an injured worker to be so suddenly abandoned and faced with a complicated process just to secure much needed medical treatment and compensation. For the firm, every day of the past seven years has been about making our clients feel better and letting them know that they’re not alone. We will always be here to help.”

Partner Tom Giordano, who leads the firm’s national Social Security disability advocacy group, Disability Justice, stressed the importance of gratitude, teamwork, and faith.

“I have spent the last seven years being extremely grateful,” he said. “Grateful to my partners, our amazing attorneys and staff and most of all, our clients for having the trust and confidence in us to help them through their hardest times. I believe we have delivered on our promise to provide extraordinary service, genuine empathy and fierce advocacy to our clients for the past seven years. What makes our group so special is that I know we are all motivated and excited to do that for the rest of our careers. We believe it and we believe in each other.”

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