Managing Partner Sam Pond discusses The Grand Bargain Symposium on Today in PhillyLabor

Sam Pond will be featured live on Today in PhillyLabor on Wednesday, September 21 at 3 p.m.  He will discuss the upcoming Grand Bargain Symposium at Rutgers-Camden Law on September 23.  The Grand Bargain, also known as the Great Trade-off, describes the foundation of the Workers’ Compensation Act and one of the greatest political compromises in history. Citizens gave up a constitutional right to sue for damages after a work injury. In return, workers were guaranteed payment for lost wages and medical expenses, while their employers were freed from the ramifications of varying settlement amounts.  Learn more by clicking here.

Today in PhillyLabor is a weekly talk radio show that airs every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. throughout Philadelphia and the vicinity on WWDB 860AM. You can also listen to the live stream here. Hosted by Pat Eiding, president of Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO, Joe Dougherty Jr., of, and Joe Krause of Jakib Media, the show tackles labor-related issues that affect working people every day, including workers’ rights, legislative issues and more.

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