Pond Lehocky Partner Sam Pond to make second co-hosting appearance on Today in PhillyLabor


On Wednesday, October 21, 2015, Managing Partner Sam Pond will join the broadcast team for his second appearance on Today in PhillyLabor. The topic of this week’s episode is workers’ compensation 101, including the act’s history, the biggest myths and the latest trends.

In this installment, Sam will give listeners’ a better understanding of the basics of the law and clear up any misconceptions they may have about workers’ compensation.

“All Pennsylvanians need to understand that they gave up a constitutional right to sue for damages if they get injured at work,” he said. “The law was intended to be constructed in workers’ favor, but recent trends have been favoring the employer and the insurance company. Workers’ compensation can be complicated, so workers need to understand their rights.”

Today in PhillyLabor is a weekly talk radio show that airs every Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m. throughout Philadelphia and vicinity on WWDB 860AM. You can also listen to the live stream here. Hosted by Pat Eiding, president of Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO, Joe Dougherty Jr.,, and Joe Krause of Jakib Media, the show tackles labor related issues that affect working people every day, including workers’ rights, legislative issues and more.

Updated 10-27-15

Click here to hear the podcast of Sam Pond’s appearance on Today in PhillyLabor Radio.

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