The Law Firm That Gives You a Lift

Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano is the law firm that steers you
in the right direction. So, the Firm will be helping you get around town over
the next month.

Pond Lehocky is partnering with Carvertise—which wraps private
vehicles in advertisements—to sponsor a rideshare car. When you book a ride
with Uber or Lyft, a Pond Lehocky branded vehicle may arrive to pick you up and
ensure you get safely and hassle-free to your destination. 

Whether you’ve had too much fun at a holiday party or New
Year’s celebration, need a ride home due to inclement weather or you just want
to avoid driving, Pond Lehocky encourages you to stay injury-free and use safe

The car also delivers a visible reminder that no matter what
your legal needs are, Pond Lehocky is the law firm to turn to. The Firm puts
its clients first, always, even if it means something as providing

Next time you need a ride, the Pond Lehocky car may get you where
you need to go. 

Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano opened its doors in July 2010
with six attorneys and only 22 total staff members. Today, it is the largest
workers’ compensation and Social Security disability law firm in the region,
boasting 12 office locations and over 200 staff members. The Firm has also
recently launched new practices areas for workers, including employment law and
long-term disability.

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