Waiting periods are killing those with disabilities. This new bill could save lives.

An important piece of legislation pending before Congress would eliminate mandatory waiting periods that delay the receipt of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits by those who have qualified. The bill would ensure individuals with disabilities get access to health care and necessary resources they need to survive.   


The Stop the Wait Act, S. 2496, would remove the current mandatory five-month waiting period to begin receiving Social Security disability payments. It would also remove the two-year waiting period for Social Security disability beneficiaries to receive Medicare. 


The wait for obtaining benefits has already become too long, typically taking anywhere from 18 to 24 months to get a hearing and receive payments. The goal is to ensure that individuals with disabilities get the access to resources and health care they desperately need.  


The bill is pending consideration by Congress and faces an uphill battle for passage. You can help. It is important to remember that your elected officials are public servants who represent you. Let them hear your voice on this issue. Contact your senators and representatives and tell them to support this important change to the law. The health and welfare of people with disabilities depend on it.  


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