Summer Law Clerk Program

Pond Lehocky is proud to continue our annual summer law clerk program at the firm. Five qualified law school students at different points in their curriculum, and from a variety of local universities, join the firm’s partners to learn about Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law and to assist with live cases. Partner Dave Stern spearheads the program as the firm’s lead mentor for the associates, offering guidance on not only how to research and litigate a workers’ compensation claim, but how to be the best attorney they can be.


“The attorney mentorship program at Pond Lehocky helped shape my law career trajectory and gave me the opportunity to gain experience with trial procedures, depositions, brief writing and interacting with clients who are in delicate situations,” said Associate Ruxandra Osgood of her time as a law clerk with the firm before getting hired full-time as an associate lawyer. “It set the foundation for my professional success as a workers’ compensation attorney.”


Partner Dave Stern finds mentoring younger generations of law students and offering growth opportunity to students deeply rewarding. “It is an honor to work with students who are just starting their careers and beginning to work with real clients and live cases. They also bring a fresh perspective to the firm that is incredibly valuable.”


Pond Lehocky has also implemented a schedule of continuing learning seminars on worker’s compensation for the firm, run by the firm’s department managers and partners. The classes cover a wide variety of topics in workers’ compensation law: from understanding legal vernacular and litigation costs, to third party settlement agreements and Social Security disability practice.


“Our internship program is unique in that we give our interns incredible exposure to the litigation process,” said Dave Stern. “We do not stick them in a law library and ask them to do research.  While the program involves a fair amount of legal writing, we also supply the opportunity to sit-in and observe client meetings, depositions and other meaningful components of our cases.  Our program gives these students a perspective of our mission to create a winning atmosphere and strive for the best client experience possible.”


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