Pond Lehocky forms Diversity and Inclusion Committee for social justice

As Pond Lehocky approaches its 10th anniversary, we are pleased to announce the creation of the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  The committee will be co-chaired by founding partner Thomas Giordano and senior associate Melissa Chandy. It will be comprised of attorneys, members of the firm’s executive team, and staff members of all different backgrounds 

The creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is Pond Lehocky’s declaration that it is committed to the fight against racism and hate.  

“My hope is to work with other attorneys, executive team members, and staff members, with a common goal of coming up with ideas and ways to fight racism and hate,” Melissa Chandy said. “I hope that we can challenge ourselves with the task of creating and implementing plans, to continue the change we’ve seen both locally and nationally. With that in mind, the upcoming election will be of particular importance to the committee.” 

The goal of this committee is to promote ideas and events to further the spirit of diversity and inclusion, develop policies and practices to recruit, support, promote, and retain staff with diverse experiences and attributes and importantly incorporate racial justice and diversity in our community engagement and outreach effortsThe creation of this committee is a call to action to promote diversity and inclusion, not only within the firm’s walls, but within the community.  

Pond Lehocky remains committed to fighting for the rights of injured workers, which includes a fight for basic rights and freedoms. 

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